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The wood used in these pool cues give them a very rich and distinctive look. The forearm and butt sleeve are persimmon, having a glowing reddish-orange almost iridescent color. The beauty of this wood has to be seen in person! Intricate ivory-colored overlays of diamonds on the forearm and butt sleeve make the cue stand out. Though these arenít actual inlays, they appear to be the real thing. This cue has pressed and polished black irish linen wraps with white specks. The joint is polished stainless steel. There are silver rings on either side of the joint, and at the butt cap. The medium-hard tip resembles a Le Pro, and is on a 13mm ferrule. The hard rock maple shaft has a pro taper.

Sterling "White Diamonds" Pool Cue
STARPDNormal price: $99.00Special Sale Price: $71.50
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